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The Little Gym Godalming opens

Autumn 2017

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For every stage of your child’s development – from 10 months to 12 years – The Little Gym offers a diverse line up of classes, camps and parties filled with movement, music, learning and laughter. Your little ones will make friends, reach developmental milestones and build self confidence while having Serious Fun.






A brand new The Little Gym will be opening soon in your area. 


As a child, my world revolved around ice-skating and dancing and as an adult, my favourite job was working for a company that focuses on children’s cognitive health. I have always understood that a ‘sound mind lives in a sound body’ and with my combined life experiences I became passionate about child development. I feel a sense of purpose being part of making children’s lives better.

When I became a mother, I joined The Little Gym and I saw how much it contributed to my son’s well-being. His balance, confidence, academic, social and athletic skills were markedly enhanced. I loved that the concept was non-competitive and that it has three dimensions: sport, cognitive and social. The parent / child classes were such a wonderful bonding experience and as my boy progressed through each stage of the well-researched curriculum, seeing his beaming smile was incredibly rewarding.

When I decided to become a business owner, I wanted to combine my passions and work with children contributing to their happiness and development. Naturally, The Little Gym was the perfect fit!

I’ll be opening The Little Gym Godalming as soon as I can, so if you’d like to join me on this journey, be the first to hear the latest news and go onto our VIP early birds list, please click here.

Thanks for all your enquiries and messages of support – they brighten my day and I am so excited to meet you all soon!

Cléa Rosenfeld, Gym Owner





Parties and Camps at


 ​The Little Gym offers individually created birthday parties to celebrate your child's special day and camps combine fun, sport, creative activities and learning to keep your kids active, entertained and laughing.